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249 € / year


Our pricing strategy will be to your liking. The first year is FREE !!! * In this way you will have more than enough time to test our software and find out how it functions in practice. After the first year it is only 249 € per year per production address*.

Updates with new functionality are frequent and free of charge *. Help by problems caused by bugs in our software are also free of charge *.

How is it, that we can be so cheap? Our company develops software and all other expenses are limited to the absolute minimum. So no: expensive add campaigns, sales people, impressive company headquarters, etc... Just an absolute top programmer working with a very demanding baker under the auspicious of a financially and legally very robust international company.

*We reserve the right to change: prices, specifications and conditions in the future. The price is as it is deducted from your credit card. It takes no account of your local VAT or customs tariffs. Please make inquiries at your local tax and custom services to find out how much and how you are required to pay extra to these services for punching this software licence (this is standard for all credit card transactions on the Internet).

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